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Financial Security Series - STaRT and Spending Plans

This program discusses retirement planning. The goal is to help you determine what your retirement goals are and how to help you get there. No matter where you are in the timeline for retirement, early career, mid-career or late career, know that it’s never too late to STaRT. The second part of this presentation focuses on the need for a spending plan so that people can achieve their financial goals. We discuss the differences between wants and needs; setting SMART goals; creating a spending plan; putting the plan into action; as well as periodically reviewing goals and spending plans in order to ensure that you can stay on track. Free but registration required. Virtual on GoToMeeting. Register: 

George Dillman is the Consumer Outreach Specialist with the Investor Education and Consumer Outreach Office of the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities. He has over 20 years of speaking and training experience. He is very passionate about saving and investing for the future and teaching people how to protect their assets.

Logo courtesy of Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities.

Date & Time

April 13, 2023

6:30PM - 7:30PM

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