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Railroads in Civil War Strategy

Join us for a meeting with the Lincoln’s General In Chief, General Ulysses S. Grant! In this meeting, he will give some background on the development of rail roads in America during his own formative years, and will describe how the nation and its rail roads grew up together, in those tumultuous years of the American Civil War. Gen. Grant will relate his own experiences with trains and railroading from his youth through becoming the victor of the civil war through stories and artifacts from the period. If you are a fan of US history, no matter a student of the civil war, or America’s rail roads, or life in the 1800’s, this encounter will engage and cross over to many areas of interest. Register here:

Gunnery Sgt Kenneth J. Serfass is a native of Bethlehem, PA. Now a first-person impressionist and full-time professional living historian portraying Ulysses S. Grant, he presents from 11 up to 23 appearances each month all year. Ken began appearing as General Grant in 2009 while living in San Diego CA, and since returning to the east coast, he is engaged on horseback tours, rail road excursions, school history programs, at living history and roundtable events, at public libraries, and annually in Southern California at Huntington Beach’s Civil War Days over Labor Day weekend. Learn more about him at his website:

Photo Courtesy of Kenneth Serfass.

Date & Time

July 7, 2022

7:00PM - 8:00PM

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