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The Broad Side of a Barn

Jul 01, 2024 09:00AM ● By Sarah Wagaman

If anyone’s watching me when I’m out trying to get a shot, it must be quite the spectacle. I’ll do everything from standing on the roof of my car to wading in thigh-deep murky swamps. But when I head out early in hopes of a photography adventure before school, I try to keep clean. It’s okay to get dirty from making art, but the art teacher is expected to show up reasonably tidy. On this sunny but chilly morning, I am five to six miles just outside of Wellsboro. After nearly an hour of uneventful exploring, I head towards work but have to decelerate on a straightaway to allow a local pedestrian, Bambi, to cross in front of me. Thanks to Bambi, I see the barn. Nestled amongst some trees near a residence is this beautiful, large depiction of America. I flick on my four ways, grab my camera, and am in pursuit of the perfect angle. Hmmm…from the driveway doesn’t reveal enough of the flag, hmmm...closing in I lose the framing of the greenery surrounding it. Oh, how about climbing the bank and hitting it straight on? Blah, now I’ve lost most of it. Got it! Time to dash to work. Then I feel the cold sludge in my work shoes. I may have hit the mark with my picture, but not so much scrambling down the embankment into the trench of standing water. I guess I found my adventure.

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