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Wellsboro Woodlands Comes to Mountain Home Art Gallery

Join us at the Mountain Home Art Gallery, 87-1⁄2 Main Street, on February 16, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., for the opening of Heather Mee’s Wellsboro Woodlands show.

Heather takes her inspiration from the world around her, and that world, happily, includes her dog, Lilly.

“Lilly is my partner,” says Heather with a laugh. “She keeps me sane. They’re all therapy animals, as far as I’m concerned.”

Heather started taking pictures as a teenager—she bought her first film camera when she was fourteen and says she “spent a lot of time in darkrooms.” She eventually took her passion for photography, combined it with her degree in graphic design, and, after applying those skills in a series of eclectic ways—everything from designing packaging for Matchbox collectables to teaching watercolor classes—came up with a business she calls Wellsboro Woodlands. It is an artistic melding that allows her to pay homage to the Wellsboro area she loves and serves as her “creative portal to share her work and passion.”

“I feel like I have myself diversified,” says Heather. “This line of work fits me. When you’re a creative person, you don’t always fit in a box.” Some of her most well-known local design clients include the Penn Wells Hotel, the Endless Mountains Music Festival, the Deane Center for the Performing Arts, and Partners In Progress.

A selection of her postcards, limited edition calendars, and canvas prints, all depicting classic Wellsboro and Tioga County area scenes, are available in local stores, including Dunham’s, the Farmer’s Daughters, Emerge Healing Arts and Spa, the Wellsboro Diner, the gift shop at Leonard Harrison State Park, and the Stony Fork Store. She makes it a point to provide each outlet with different products “so nobody has the same thing.”

From her online storefront at, where you can get a preview of her work, Heather offers a larger and more diverse collection of Wellsboro-themed gifts, art, and jewelry. She has also created a hand-drawn coloring book, and recently finished a collage-style poster of Pennsylvania Grand Canyon scenes.

And don’t forget, February 15-17 is the Wellsboro Winter Celebration, so make a weekend of it!

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