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Old, Borrowed, Blue?

For an entire year, Sharon O’Shea and her sister, Rebecca Yablonski, scoured the flea markets, estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores between Wellsboro and Bloomsburg, along with online auctions, Craig’s List, you name it, all in search of vintage items to make Sharon’s daughter Erin’s wedding and wedding reception uniquely beautiful.

It turns out they really enjoyed doing it, and that is how Ginger’s Attic Vintage Rentals came to be.

At her lovely farm outside of Wellsboro, Sharon described her childhood living in a large old Victorian house with her sister and her mother, whose nickname is Ginger. Ginger would go out regularly looking for inexpensive treasures that she could buy, clean up, and use to decorate their home. Sharon told me she and her sister came about their love for vintage pieces “honestly” because of their mother’s knack for finding things and turning them into beautiful pieces for their home.

Sharon and Rebecca currently have enough vintage place settings for at least 230 people, and their inventory is always growing. “We can do color themes if that is what someone wants and we also have a large set of white place settings, which is popular for weddings,” Sharon says.

Ginger’s Attic is home to an array of many other unique items to create a one-of-a-kind themed event. The sisters have galvanized washtubs and milk containers to create a nostalgic atmosphere, maple syrup pails, a gold camel back couch from the 1920s, an ice cream parlor bistro set, a large farm table, grand entrance doors for celebrants to pass through, and a large vintage white wedding arch. They have acquired a number of lovely and lacy linens, and have pretty much anything a bride could think of that will create the look and feel of a vintage gathering, down to the last detail. Sharon can deliver and pick up when the event is over. There is no delivery cost if the venue is less than thirty miles away (there is a mileage fee for travel over that).

How long it would take for the sisters to set up an event for, say, 200 people? Assuming the tables were up and ready, just two or three hours to set the places with dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, water goblets, tea cup and saucer, and champagne or wine glasses.

Since much of the inventory involves glass and china, Sharon says they use a lot of bubble wrap for glasses and stemware, and padded sleeves for plates. As for breakage, there has been very little, amazingly enough. “I think the only things that have broken are things we took out while taking inventory,” Sharon laughs.

If a one-of-a-kind event is what you’re hoping for, Ginger’s Attic Vintage Rentals is with you, ready to offer a different take for all kinds of gatherings. In addition to weddings and wedding receptions, Sharon says they want to market their business for bridal and baby showers, anniversary parties, birthdays, garden parties, holidays, and more. Helping celebrants of all sorts create their perfect celebration is what Ginger’s Attic Vintage Rentals is all about.

For now, the best way to contact Ginger’s Attic Vintage Rentals is through their Facebook page. Just send them a message and you will be sure to get a response quickly. Find them at or call them at (570) 724-2232.

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