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Dirty Doin's

Slinging mud, roaring engines, and the hollers of spectators explode as the large metal structures emerge from the chocolate-colored mud pit. The loud exhausts and smoking engines build excitement as the racers try to elude the mud trap, and that energy never stops throughout the weekend, once a month at Wolf Springs Off Road Park in Knoxville. The mud races and numerous other events are ongoing from May through November, as owner Dan Riley provides activities for the whole family: face painting for kids, bicycle give-away for girls and boys, mud runs for women and children, tug-of-war, hill climbs, food vendors, bands (in the evening hours), and more. It’s not unusual to see a big yellow “swamp bus” with oversized tires stopping to drop off and pick up passengers of all ages throughout the park. “People love it,” explains Joyce, a dedicated staff member (and mother of the park innovator). A change of clothes, a tent, and a few towels are the bare essentials for a funtastic and dirty weekend. Oh, and Alexander Hamilton (a ten dollar bill) not only covers the entry fee, but the majority of the profits for these well-attended events is donated to a charity of the month! It’s a win-win-win event—except, of course, for the contender who lost their muck boot in the knee-high swamp during the race. For more information call (814) 367-5418 or go to their Web site ( or their Facebook page.

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